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From Dallas Dreams to Real Estate Success

I grew up in Dallas, TX and always wanted to be in Business for myself. I found Real Estate sooner but really got more involved in it in 2019 where I began as a Professional Deal Finder. I did this for 3 years and used it as a launchpad into Multifamily after further realizing the importance of equity to build generational wealth.

Joseph Kimbrough

I'm building a company that truly cares about the returns of it's investors. The mission of Apex Real Estate Investments is to provide it's investors the best returns through working with the best operators and Sponsor Groups in the business. The expertise of these individuals and groups come together to ensure the overall financial success of our investors.


Journey Through Time: Joseph's Milestones

may • 2019

A Humble Beginning

After exhausting all Funds to $3.68 left in my account as I was cold calling to find my first deal to wholesale I finally got a property under contract and ended up selling that property to a house flipper and made $10,000. This was the beginning of my Real Estate journey.


Mastering the Craft

Despite this being a tough year I managed to continue building on my skills as a wholesaler in Real Estate. I had mastered cold calling but then found a new way to increase deal flow on top of the deals I was already sourcing from cold calling.

january • 2021

A Year of Realization

I had created a flourishing business and saw the most success in this year than I did in 2019 and 2020 combined. I ended up selling 20+ properties but realized that I didn't have any Equity and that's when I decided to learn Multifamily because I had no interest in buying single family homes to make $200-$500 a month after renovating and getting it rent ready.

february • 2022

The Multifamily Pivot

After learning Multifamily and attending events I decided to go the Fund route thanks to the guidance of my mentors/partners. Early on it was a major learning curve for me but I managed to provide Equity to my first apartment building before the end of that year which is 160 units in Charleston, SC.

JANUARY • 2023

TedX Speaker

This year I have managed to speak on a Tedx stage and become a Forbes Business Council Member. I also have acquired other apartment buildings and continued to raise capital despite of the market which shows my resilience and commitment to success and the success of my investors.

september • 2023

Forbes Council Member

Joining the Forbes Council was a pivotal moment in my career. This esteemed recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovation I've brought to the real estate sector. Being part of this elite group has given me the incredible opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and shape the future of our industry. It's an honor to be recognized and included among such influential leaders.


Impact in Numbers

Joseph's influence in the realm of real estate extends far beyond mere transactions. His journey is marked with notable milestones: from closing multi-million dollar deals to establishing multifamily equity, from educating hundreds in investment seminars to mentoring upcoming real estate magnates.

5-7 year average returns
Multifamily Transaction Volume
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Joseph Kimbrough
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